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October 2019
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 Important information about website!

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PostSubject: Important information about website!   Important information about website! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 9:24 pm

Dear random guy/girl
- As you may have noticed, our site/forum looks empty. Let me assure you that, that is not the case; there are plenty of threads here on our website. Unfortunately for you, they have been hidden from visitors. You might also have noted the SIGN IN pop-up that came up to your screen as soon as you entered our page. We urge you to register [Not join the clan] by making an account.

For privacy/security reasons]
- We demand that our visitors identify themselves before being able to see what goes on, on our forums. Create an account [it only takes 10 seconds] with your PSN name, and after the approval of the Administration, you'll be able to view/take part in the many discussions that we engage in daily, on our website.

Creating an account
- Does not mean that you are part of the clan, nor does it mean that you have applied for membership. It is only there to identify the people using the forums.

Be advised!!!
- Any offensive/aggressive behavior will get you banned with/without notice. Bans may last for days, or they might be permanent.

- Your IP adress is visible by the Administration, so don't try anything stupid. Any serious offense will be dealt with seriously.

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Important information about website!
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